Recipe For The Delicious Grilled Swordfish Over Fattoush At Home

Grilled Swordfish Over Fattoush

This is easy to cook dish and it is best for the snacks, in this we make the mixture of the flour and the egg, then we chopped the tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and other vegetables and mix it then we add the bread to it and bake it, we take the swordfish, add the olive oil and English mustard to it and grilled it to the hot grill pan and served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Are Listed Below Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide To It:

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 25 Minutes
Serves- 4


Swordfish- 800 gm
Whole wheat- 1
Scallion- 2
Garlic- 2 cloves
Persian cucumber-1
Cherry tomatoes- 10
Green pepper- 1
Mint leaves- 4 sprigs
Parsley-  1 handful
Lemon- 1
English mustard- 2 tablespoon
Sumac- 1 teaspoon
Olive oil- 2 tablespoon
Pepper- 1 teaspoon
Salt- as per taste

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First take the bowl, add the flour to it, add the cracked egg to it, now mix it to make a smooth paste of it, add olive oil to it.

Step 2

Now take the cucumber peel it and cut it into slices, now take the green pepper and scallions cut it into thin slice, finely chopped the mint and parsley fresh leaves, add half cut cherry tomatoes to it, now mix all of these with the flour mixture.

Step 3

Now take baking tray, spread all the mixture on it, crumble the bread slices to it, sprinkle olive oil to it, now place this inside the oven and bake it at 180 degree Celsius for about the 15 minutes.

Step 4

Now take the big chunks of the sword fish, take out all the thorns of it, now remove the skin of it, rub the olive oil on the top of it to the both side and apply the English mustard to it, season it with the salt and pepper, now place this on the hot grill pan and fry it to both the sides till it changes it color.

Step 5

Now take the serving plate, place the baked vegetables on it, now take the grilled fish and place it on the top of it, sprinkle some dried oregano and lemon juice to it. The dish is ready to eat.

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