Recipe For The Delicious Japanese Kiritanpo Nabe At Home


Recipe For The Delicious Japanese Kiritanpo Nabe

This is the delicious Japanese dish in which you will have combination of so many of the things, first we cut the chicken wings, we partially cook it in boiling water, we cook it in the water and sake, along with the ginger, green onions, chicken broth cube, we drain the broth and mix the soy sauce and mirin to it, then we cook the mushrooms, pieces of the chicken thighs, kiritanpo in the soy sauce mixture and served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 50 Minutes
Serves- 4


Chicken- 7 wings
Water- 700 ml
Sake- 2 tablespoon
Green onion- 1
Ginger root- 25 gm
Soy sauce- 2 tablespoon
Mirin- 2 tablespoon
Chicken thigh- 300 gm
Burdock root- 14 cm
Maitake mushrooms- 60 gm
Shimeji mushrooms- 60 gm
Enoki mushrooms- 60 gm
Seri- 1 bunch
Kiritanpo- 2 pieces
Damako- 2 pieces
Chili powder- 2 tablespoon
Salt- as per taste

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the chicken wings with the skin on it, place it on the board and cut it from the joints of it, now take the large deep pan, add the water to it, add little bit of the salt to it, now put it on the low flame, as the water starts boiling, add all the wings to it and leave it for about the 5 minutes.

Step 2

Now as the color of the chicken wings are converted to the white, take it out and place directly to the cold filled bowl, now clean it properly and then tap it with the kitchen paper, so that there will not be any moisture in it.

Step 3

Take the deep pan, place it over the medium heat, arrange the chicken wings on it, now cut the green onions and place this to the bowl, add the water to it, add the ginger root to it, add the sake to it, crumble 2 cubes of the chicken stock to it, season it with the salt and pepper, stir is nicely, cover the lid and cook it for about the 15 minutes, remove the foam of it.

Step 4

Now pass this mixture to the sieve, take out the chicken to the separate plate, add the soy sauce and mirin to the chicken stock and mix it nicely, take the burdock root and peel it nicely into threads.

Step 5

Take the maitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, cut the bottom of all of them and separate of them, take the ceramic pot, add the chicken broth mixture in it, add the burdock roots to it, add all the mushrooms to it, season it with the salt and pepper according to your taste, cover the lid and cook it till the mushrooms get soften.

Step 6

Take the chicken thighs, cut it into pieces, now add this to the mixture, cover the lid again and cook it for sometime, now take the kiritanpo, cut it into 3 equal pieces diagonally, take the white part of the green onions, cut it into slices, as the chicken is cooked, add the kiritanpo and onions to it, add the bunch of the seri to it and chicken wings to it, cover the lid again and cooked it.

Step 7

Now take the serving bowl, add all the things in it, add little bit of the broth to it and served it with the chopped parsley. The dish is ready to eat.

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