Recipe For The Delicious Lamb Crispy Golden Nuggets At Home

It is so delicious to have the crunchy nuggets of the lamb meat with the pickle of mushroom. The combination of both is so good. This restaurant dish is now at your home, just follow the simple steps and you can also have this dish in your kitchen.

Recipe For The Delicious Lamb Crispy Golden Nuggets:

Delicious Lamb Crispy Golden Nuggets

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Serves- 2


Wild mushrooms- 500 gm
Lamb meat- 400 gm
Fresh thymes- 2 sprigs
Caster sugar- 4 tablespoon
Peppercorns- 2 tablespoon
Coriander seeds- 1 tablespoon
Garlic- 2 cloves
Bay leaf- 5
Peeled lemon- 1/2
White wine- 400 ml
Whole milk- 500 ml
Sweet breads- 300 gm
Plain flour- 150 gm
Eggs- 2 beaten
Breadcrumbs- 100 gm
Vegetable oil- 1 litre

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

Take the lamb meat and and soaked them in the water for several of the hours in the cool water so that all the impurities will be removed from it. Now take it out and drain out the excess water form it.

Step 2

Now in a pan take the milk and add the bay leaves into it and then add the peppercorns into it and then add the meat into it and then put it on the medium flame, now its time to boil the milk so that the spices will release their flavour and this will come in the meat also. Keep one thing in the mind that you should not over heat it just only for the some minutes.

Step 3

Now to make the mushroom take the pan and then add the white wine vinegar into it this will cook the mushroom easily and then add the coriander seeds and the peppercorns into it, now crush the cloves of the garlic and then add it in the vinegar, now peel of the lime and then add this in the mixture, and to give it some of the sweetness then add some of the sugar into it, now give it a little whisk and then put it on the low heat.

Step 4

Now take the wild mushrooms, it is not necessary that you should take the wild mushrooms, you can take any mushroom type, if you take two or more type of the mushroom then it will be very good. Now on the chopping board cut all of them into pieces.

Step 5

Now take the deep glass jar and then fill it with different types of the mushrooms into it and then you need to filter out your vinegar mixture and then add that flavoured water into the jar. Now put that jar till the mushrooms will be shrunk to the half of its weight. When it is reduce to half of its weight then you should change the jar and then put it in the another jar.

Step 6

Now check that the meat is cooked or not and for this you can check the colour of the meat, if it is white then it is definitely cooked, now take out the meat and then remove the membrane over it as it is not tasty. You have to do this for all of your meat and this is also not easy to digest. Just take the knife and then cut it at a part and remove the membrane.

Step 7

Now take the meat and then add it in the flour and then add it in the paste of the beaten egg and lastly dust it with the breadcrumbs, do this for all the meat. Now in a fry pan take the vegetable oil and then fry all off them and then in a serving plate eat it with the pickle of the mushrooms.

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