Recipe For The Delicious Mango Swiss Roll

Swiss roll is very old dish but it has it own value in the market. There are so many of the flavours of the Swiss roll. Now here is the recipe of the Swiss roll that has the taste of the mango. This is most in demand. This is now famous in almost the world and there are so many of the industries for making of the roll. Here is the list of the ingredients and the process of making this delicious dish.

Mango Swiss Roll

Preparation time- 15 minutes
Cooking time- 30 minutes
Serves- 2


Mangoes- 2
Eggs- 7
Lime juice- 3 table spoon
Caster sugar- 200 gm
Self raising flour- 100 gm
Corn flour- 50 gm
Green lemon zest- 1 teaspoon
Double cream- 100 ml
Butter- 100 gm
Icing sugar- 50 gm

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First of all take the mango and then peel it off one is used for the curd and other is used for the garnish. Now chopped it and then put it in the food processor with the juice of 2 limes, now add the sugar and the 4 egg yolks, now mix it at the low speed and then take it out in another bowl. Now take out the juice and remove the pulp.

Step 2

Now take the corn flour and then mix it with the water so that there will not be any lumps in this, now add this in the mango mixture. Now put this mixture at the low flame and then stir it till it become thick and starts giving the bubbles. Now take the butter and then add this into this and stir it so that all the butter will be melt in this.

Step 3

Now take it in the another boil and it is custard so it will form a thin layer at the top and to prevent this cover it with the foil and then sealed it. Now put this inside the mixture and then cool it.

Step 4

Now its time to make the soft dough and for this you need to have the 3 whole and the sugar into a bowl and then whipped up until its triple its volume. Now add the self raising flour into it and then mix it and now take it out in the roll tray which is already covered with the butter paper. Now with the spoon cover all the corners with it.

Step 5

Now put this inside the oven at 108 degree Celsius for 8-9 minutes. Now it will become golden at the top but when you touch it will bump up. Now take the clean towel and place it on the board, now sprinkle it with the caster sugar, now take out the cake and then flip out upside down on the towel, now very carefully remove the paper off.

Step 6

Now roll the towel so that the cake will be rolled and it will be moist throughout. Now take the mango and chopped it and then take the double cream and then whip it also to become soft and smooth. Now remove the towel and at the centre of the cake first apply the cooled mango pulp, then add the chopped mangoes and then add the whipped cream. Now make the even layer and then roll it.

Step 7

Now at the top add the bump of the cream and the zest of the green lime and the icing sugar on it. Your Swiss roll is ready to eat.

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