Recipe For The Delicious Mexican Gallina Pinta At Home

Mexico is known for its nature and there are so many of the delicious recipe. This is so delicious and easy to cook recipe and most love in the mexico and all around the world. In this dish we have beans and then we the beef meat and then we roast it add so many of the Mexican flavors in it and finally we add the curry to it .

Here Is The Complete Guide To This Delicious Recipe With Full List Of The Ingredients:

Delicious Mexican Gallina Pinta

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 40 Minutes
Serves- 4


Pinto beans- 500 gm
Salt- as per taste
Water- 2 liter
Beef tails- 500 gm
Chuck Roast- 400 gm
Onion- peeled
Bay leaves- 2
Peppercorns- 20
Green chili- 1

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First of all you need to take the pinto beans and then sort it off the rock and other impurities and then just clean it and then put this in the bowl and then add the water into it and then leave it for the night so that it will absorb the water and become soft.

Step 2

Now drain out the water from the beans and then add the salt in it and then add the water into it and the cover the lid and put it on the low flame and allow it to simmer nicely. Now take the beef meat and then put this inside the deep bowl and then fill it with the water. Now add the garlic, 1 full onion, bay leaves and the salt to it, then add the peppercorn and 1 green chili. now cover it with the lid and then put this on the low flame and boil it.

Step 3

Now take the corn and then soaked it in the lime juice and then we add this in the soup of the beef meat. Now your beans are also cooked and then at the top there is the white impurity remove it and the pout this mixture in the beef mixture and then cover the lid and again cook it. As all the beans and the corn is cooked then we will add the bunch of the coriander leaves in it and then simmer it.

Step 4

Now we take the garlic bread and then we will apply the thick layer of the butter on it and then we sprinkle the garlic powder on it and then we will place this inside the oven at 280 degree Celsius for the 15 minutes after the given time flip the bread to the other side and then give it again 10 minutes. Now take it out.

Step 5

Now we take out the meat from the soup in another bowl and then cook it. Now we cut out in the small pieces and then we will add the salt and the pepper to it and then add the little bit of the oil on it and then place this inside the oven at 180 degree Celsius for the 20 minutes.

Step 6

Now we will take it out and then add this inside the mixture and then we remove the coriander leaves and the onions and  then we add the final salt to it as per the taste and then we will take the bowl and then take out 1 part of the meat and the we add some of the soup to it and then we take out the beans and the corns. Now eat this delicious dish with the garlic bread.

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