Recipe For The Delicious Pastiera Napoletana At Home

Delicious Pastiera Napoletana

Easter night is coming and you want to prepare something delicious sweet dish in the Italian dish, then this dish is for you, in this we cook the grano cotto with the butter, milk, then we make the dough of the flour, butter and vegetable shortening, we roll it to the baking tray, we make the filling of the ricotta, sugar, millefiore, cinnamon to it, we add the grano cotto to it, we cover the top with the strips of the dough, egg wash it, bake it and served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 50 Minutes
Serves- 4


Flour- 300 gm
Sugar- 100 gm granulated
Egg- 10
Orange zest- 2 teaspoon
Salt- as per taste
Butter- 200 gm in cubes
Vegetable shortening- 100 gm
Vanilla extract- 1 teaspoon
Water- 20 ml cold
Grano cotto- 1.5 kg
Milk- 300 ml
Milk ricotta- 500 gm
Citron- 50 gm
Millefiore- 1 vial

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the deep bowl, put it on the low heat, as the pan is hot, add the melted butter to it, now add the grano cotto to it, fry it for sometime, add the whole milk to it, leave it for sometime, so that the bubble will starts coming out from it, now take it out to the bowl, cool it, cover it with the clean film, place this inside the oven for about the night.

Step 2

Take the bowl, add the flour, granulate sugar, vanilla extract, salt as per taste, take the whisker and mix all the things nicely, grate zest of the orange for about 2 teaspoon, add the butter and vegetable shortening to it, now it to the flour with the help of the finger tips, so that there will be nice breadcrumbs consistency.

Step 3

Transfer all the things to the dough maker, ON the machine, now add 1 tablespoon ice water to it slowly, as the flour gets combined, take out all of them, with the help of your hands bind all the flour together, cut it into 4 equal parts and wrap it with the clean foil.

Step 4

Take the ricotta of the milk to the mixture bowl, ON the machine at low speed, add the sugar to it, as we get the smooth texture, add the 4 eggs, pinch of cinnamon powder with the few drops of millefiore to it, last add the cooked grano cotto mixture to it, mix all the things very well.

Step 5

Now take the dough pieces, roll it on the flour dusted surface, not so thin and not so thick, take the baking pan of about 9 inch of diameter, apply butter to the inner surface of it, place the pastry on pan, tap it to the corners of it.

Step 6

Add the mixture in it, now take other dough, roll it, now cut it into square, then cut it into thin strips of about half of an inch, place the strips on the top of the mixture so that there will be matrix shape on it, now stick it with the help of the water, cut out the excess part of it, apply the beaten egg on the top of it, place this inside the oven for about the 180 degree Celsius at 20 minutes, so that there will be nice golden texture on the top of it.

Step 7

Take it out, cut it into 6 equal size, served it in the plate and enjoy this delicious dish at Easter.

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