Recipe For The Delicious Red Velvet, Oreo, Brownie Bars At Home

If you loved the Oreo with the brownie bars then this will be the best option. We will cook all this and then add this into the a good recipe and you will get the delicious cake pastry recipe. Here is the list of step by step process for this delicious dessert.

Delicious Red Velvet, Oreo, Brownie Bars

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 40 Minutes
Serves- 4


Dark chocolate- 250 gm
Brown sugar- 100 gm
Butter- 150 gm
Red colouring- 1 tablespoon
Double cream- 3 tablespoon
Eggs- 2
Self raising flour- 100 gm
Cocoa powder- 40 gm
Vanilla extract- 2 tablespoon
Vinegar- 1 tablespoon
Oreo biscuits- 6
Dried raspberries- 10

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First take the 2 massive bowl, in the first bowl we will make the brownie and for this we need to add the pieces of the chocolates, then to give the sweetness add the brown sugar into it and then add the butter into it, now place this inside the microwave and then melt it. Take it out and mix it with the spoon so that it will have the nice texture of the chocolate.

Step 2

To make the red velvet you need to take the second bowl and then add the 1 egg into and then add the caster sugar into it, to give the red colour to the velvet we need to add the 1 table spoon of the red colouring into it, add vanilla extract and the vinegar into it, then whisk it gently. Now add the sugar, flour and the cocoa powder into it.

Step 3

Now your brownie is melted and then add the 2 eggs into it and then add the self raising flour into it, now add the cocoa flour into it and now whisk it so that there will be smoth paste of it.

Step 4

Now your brownie is ready and this will go inside the piping bag and then put the hole at the bottom so that it will come out from there, now take the jar and then place the red velvet into it and the take the bar-tin mould, now at the bottom fill it with the brownie by pressing the piping and then add the red velvet from the jar. Now make the even layer and then place it inside the oven 180 degree Celsius for 20 minutes so that the brownie and the red velvet get mingled and then bake to rise up.

Step 5

As it is baking we make the chocolate ganache and the Oreo and for this take the bowl and then add the salted butter into it and then add the icing sugar into and then add the cream into it and then whisk it so that it will become smooth with the nice texture. As the paste is smooth you need to crack the Oreo biscuits into it and then again mix it. Now put this also in the piping bag and then place a hole at the bottom.

Step 6

Now in another bowl take the chocolates and then add the butter and cream into it. Now place it inside the microwave so that the chocolate will be melted and then take it out and then mix it with the help of the spoon evenly.

Step 7

Take out your brownie and then cool it down. Now cut the top and then place it again in the bar-tin mould and then at the top first add the Oreo paste and then add the chocolate ganache. Now place this inside the refrigerator and allow it to set. Now at the top sprinkle the crushed Oreo biscuits and the dried raspberries.

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