Recipe For The Delicious Skewered Minty Spring Lamb At Home

This is the tasty snacks and it is served by most of the restaurants and many of the countries. In this we cook the skewers by adding the fry lamb, along with the cheese and red and yellow pepper. Then we make the vegetable mixture by adding the onions, chickpeas and other things, then we make the sauce of the mint leaves, then all the things are combined and served.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Are Listed Below, Along With The Step By Step Process:


Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Serves- 3


Lamb fillet- 400 gm
Lemon- 2
Olive oil- 2 glug
Garlic- 2 cloves
Red pepper- 1
Yellow pepper- 1
Chickpeas- 100 gm
Tomatoes- 3
Onions- 1
Black olives- 1 handful
Cucumber- 1
Pine nuts- 100 gm
Parmesan cheese- 100 gm
Mint leaves- 1 handful
Salt- as per taste
Black pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we take the lamb, now in the skin, cut it from the knife, now season it with the salt and pepper to it, now take the, add little bit of the oil to it, as the oil it hot, add the lamb to the skin side and fry it.

Step 2

Now take it out and cool it, now cut it into the pieces, now take the garlic, crushed it and chopped it, now take the bowl, add the lamb in it, now add the garlic in it, now take the plenty of the oil and mix all the things nicely.

Step 3

Now take the blue cheese and cut it into pieces, take the red and yellow pepper and chopped it, now take the skewer, first add the lamb meat, then cheese, then red pepper, then cheese and last the yellow pepper, now repeat the process to the full length of the skewer.

Step 4

Now put this in the oven at 200 degree celcius for 7-8 minutes. Now take the bowl, add the water in it, put it on the medium flame, add the chickpeas in it, season it with the salt and pepper, now boil the water and simmer the peas for about the 10 minutes. Now drain out the water and cool the peas in the running water.

Step 5

Now take the onions, peel it and dice it very fine, take the tomatoes, take out the seeds of it and chopped it, take the cucumber and slice it in small chunk. slice the black olives also. This all along with the peas go to the bowl, mix all the things nicely.

Step 6

Now take the pine nuts and put them directly in the hot pan, now toss the nuts so that all will be toasted, now put them in the jar, take the Parmesan cheese slice it, put it in the jar, add the mint leaves in it, add 1 clove of the garlic in it, now blend it up to get the thick paste of it, now add the plenty of the oil in it and blend it again.

Step 7

Now take out the mixture and place this in the vegetable bowl, now squeeze 1 lime juice in it and mix all the things nicely. Now take the pan, put all the vegetable mixture in it and fry it for the sometime. Now take it out in the serving plate, take out the skewers from the oven add this on the top of the vegetable mixture, garnish it with fresh chopped parsley leaves and slice of the lemon.

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