Recipe For The Delicious Succulent Marinated Steaks At Home

This is the delicious dish of the steak, in which we first marinate the steak with the paste of the smashed onions, garlic and English mustard, then we marinate it again with the mixture of the Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, Fresno, olive oil, then we grill it on the hot grill and then again we steam cook it in the oven, we also fry the chopped spring onion and garlic, then we served it with the slices of the steak.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Process Is Listed Below:

Succulent Marinated Steaks

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 40 Minutes
Serves- 4


Steaks- 2
Soy sauce- 3 tablespoon
Worcestershire sauce- 1 tablespoon
Garlic- 3 cloves
Spring onions- 2 sprigs
Lettuce leaves- 2 chopped
English Mustard- 1 tablespoon
Black Salt- 1 teaspoon
Fresno chili- 1
Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
Salt- as per taste
Pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the steak, clean it with the running water, now add the salt to it, place this to the muslin cloth, put it in the sieve and place a bowl to the down of it, now place a weight on the top of it, now leave it for sometime, there will be juice to the bowl, throw it and then again clean the steak with the water.

Step 2

Now take the spring onions, chopped it, take the garlic cloves, crushed it, peel it, now place some of the part of it to the pestle and smashed it nicely, add little bit of the salt and pepper and mix it completely, add little bit of the English mustard and make the paste of it.

Step 3

Now take bowl, so that the steak will get fit in it completely, now take the folk and insert it in the steak randomly so that there will holes in the steak, now take the paste and gently apply it to the steak, make sure the paste should go inside the steak, leave it for sometime.

Step 4

Take the bowl, add the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, olive oil, Fresno chili, mix it nicely, now pour this on the top of the steak, now take out the steak so that the mixture will cover all the part of the steak.

Step 5

Take the grill pan, put it on the high heat, as it is hot, place the steak on the top of it, now apply little bit of the olive oil to the pan, leave it for about the 5 minutes, now flip to the other side and grill it, make sure the skin should not be get burn, as the skin is crispy take it out, now add little bit of the olive oil to the grill pan, fry the remaining spring onions and the garlic.

Step 6

Take the bowl, add the water to it, on the top of it, add the grill plate, now place the steak on the top of it, place this inside the oven at 180 degree Celsius for about the 15 minutes, now take it out, cut it into slices, take the black salt, add pinch of it to the steak, squeeze fresh lime juice on the top of it.

Step 7

Now take the serving plate, add the slices of the steak to it, place the grilled onions and garlic to it, add the lettuce leaves to it and served it. The dish is ready to eat.

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