Recipe For The Delicious Vegetarian Cacciatore At Home

This is the delicious full of vegetables. In this we need to take the egg plants chopped it and drain out the bitterness of it, then we fry it, we fry the chopped mushrooms, we boil the tomatoes, peel it and prepare the puree of it, we fry the onions and the pepper in the red wine, we add the egg plants and the mushrooms to it along with the tomatoes, then we cook all the things, last we add the half boil rice and cook the whole thing, then we served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Vegetarian Cacciatore

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 35 Minutes
Serves- 3


Eggplant- 1
Cremini mushrooms- 100 gm
Red pepper- 1
Onion- 1
Tomatoes- 100 gm
Red wine- 30 ml
Olive oil- 4 tablespoon
Basil- 30 gm
Pepper flakes- 1 teaspoon
Rice- 100 gm
Turmeric powder- 1 teaspoon
Salt- as per taste
Pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we need to take the tomatoes, we boil it in the hot water for about 2 minutes, we carefully peeled it, then we make the paste of it, we also take the egg plants and then we chopped it in the cubes of about 1 inch, we peel and chopped the onion in the slices, we take the mushrooms, then we cut the bottom part of it, then we cut the slices of it.

Step 2

Take the deep bowl, place the sieve on the top of it, now place all the egg plants in it, place some weight, leave it for sometimes, so that the bitterness of the egg plants will get removed from it. Now take the skillet, put it on the low heat, add little bit of the olive oil to it, now add the egg plants to it, stir is regularly for about the 5 minutes, so that the edges of it will get golden brown in color, take out the egg plants to the separate plate and tap it with the kitchen cloth.

Step 3

Now take the same pan, add the mushrooms to it, stir it also till the mushrooms get soften and tender, now again transfer it to the same plate, add little bit of the olive oil to it, add the onions and the chopped red bell pepper to it, season it with the salt and pepper, now stir is so that it will also get golden brown, take it out to the egg plant plate.

Step 4

As the onions are tendered and soft, add the egg plants and the mushrooms for it, peel the garlic cloves in it, mix it, now add the red wine to it, to add the flavors in it, we crumble the vegetables stock to it and mix it, we add the tomatoes to it, that we have already chopped, now mix it completely, cover the lid and leave it for about the 5 minutes.

Step 5

Now in the other bowl, we add the water, we season it with the salt and pepper, we add the turmeric powder to it to give the color in it, put it on the low flame, add the rice to it, add few drops of the olive oil to it, now cover the lid and cook it for the 10 minutes, now drain the water and add the rice to the mixture, now cook it again for 2 minutes. Take the serving plate and served it. The dish is ready to eat.

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