Recipe For The Honeycomb Cannelloni At Home For The Big Night

Christmas night is known to be the big night for the world and people form all over the world celebrates this night like a party. They have best dishes on their dining table and other so many thing. Here is one more delicious dish for the Christmas eve and that is the honeycomb cannelloni with the standing pasta tubes.

Here Is The Process Of Cooking It In The Kitchen:

Honeycomb Cannelloni

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 50 Minutes
Serves- 4


Red onions- 1
Carrot- 4 chopped
Chopped garlic- 2 Cloves
Stick of celery- 5
Red chili- 2
oregano-1 teaspoon
Water- 500 ml
Butter- 100 gm
Flour- 75 gm
Milk- 400 ml
Ricotta cheese- 100 gm
Cheese- 100 gm
Pecorino- 50 gm
Nuggets- 5
Basil leaves- 5
Tomatoes- 4
Pasta Tubes- 25

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

To make this first we need to make the tomato sauce for it and for that you need to take the baking tray and in this add the chopped red onions, chopped garlic, a stick of celery, red chili, oregano, water and the handful of the fresh basil leaves into it and then preheat your oven at the 200 degree and put this tray inside it for at least the 20 minutes, so that all the things will be cooked properly.

Step 2

Now when the things are cooked then you need to add the ricotta cheese into it and then add the pecorino into it and then put that mixture inside the blender and then blend the whole mixture, make sure that all the ingredients will be blended with each other so nicely and then make a uniform paste of it.

Step 3

Now take the red onion, garlic, celery and chili and the chopped it and then put it inside a pan and then put them on the medium heat and now add the tomato paste into it and for this you need to chopped the tomatoes and then blend it in the mixture, now add the fresh basil leaves and then mix all of these very well.

Step 4

Now in a fry pan take the butter and then melt it, now add the flour into and then mix it so that the creamy paste of the butter and the flour will be there and the slowly add the milk into it and keep stirring it so that the there will not be any lumps in this and you will get the uniform mixture of the butter, flour and the milk and the consistency will of the spoon. Now add the grated nuggets into it and then again mix it.

Step 5

Now in the tomato sauce take the pasta tubes and then place it in the pan on the top of the pan and fill it with the pasta tubes, so that there will not be any space remaining in the pan and all the tubes will be standing tall on the tomato sauce.

Step 6

Now in the piping bag, fill it with the mixture of the vegetables and then fill all the tubes about 3/4 with the mixture and then take the mixture of the butter, flour and the milk and the pour it on the top and then fill the remaining part of the pasta from it and pour this mixture to the gap between of the two pastas.

Step 7

Now sprinkle the nuggets, grated cheese from the top and then put it inside the oven at the 210 degree Celsius of the temperature and then bake it for the 30 minutes and take it off and enjoy the delicious dish.

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