Recipe For The Mouth Watering Southern Thai Crab Curry

Sea food is something that is loved by many of the people and one must always remember that sea food doesn’t solely confine to fish or prawn. There are numerous other foods as well that originate from the sea and these include many including the octopus, crab etc. Crab is consumed in many countries and especially the people of North America and South East Asia do consider this food as a worthy one that can be included in the menu of various occasions on the whole. In this regard this article is all set to features the mouth watering recipe of ‘South Thai Crab Curry’ and therefore it is highly recommended for all the people who show a lot of interest towards sea food to take a note of this recipe and try it at your home.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step

The Recipe Is As Follows

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time – 35 Minutes
Served For- 4


  1. Pound Crab Meat
  2. 3 Pieces of Ginger (medium ones)
  3. 6 cloves of Garlic
  4. 3 Hot Chillies
  5. one tea spoon sugar
  6. two table spoons cilantro
  7. one teaspoon shrimp paste
  8. chopped shallots
  9. one table spoon of coriander powder
  10. Coconut Milk- 1 cup

The method of preparing this wonderful dish can actually be devised into five simple steps. They are

Step 1

This step requires making a paste and it is advised to used mortar and pestle as things wouldn’t go in a similar if you get to use a food processor here. Take the ginger pieces, shallots, chillies, shrimp paste, coriander powder, cilantro and then get to pound it in the form of a paste. Leave the paste aside and proceed to the next step.

Step 2

In this particular step all you need to do is to take a small pan and pour the coconut oil in the pan and allow it to boil for two to three minutes. Then keep it in the simmer state and leave it for five minutes more and then it’s advised to off the stove. One important thing that has to be kept in mind while doing this step is that you’ve to constantly stir the milk continuously. Also do not over heat it too much and maximum try to keep it in the simmer for most of the time.

Step 3

After boiling the coconut milk, take the paste that we initially prepared in the first step and then mix it thoroughly once more. Then add the paste to the coconut milk and then include the pound crab meat as well. Allow it to cook for five to six minutes in the simmer itself and mix it thoroughly so that the spicy nature of the food spreads all over the dish quite equally. Then close the lid of the pan and wait for two minutes.

Step 4

You’re now just a single step away from tasting the most delicious recipe of Southern Thai Crab Curry and after getting it to settle down for a few minutes, just cut off the power supply and then leave if for a few seconds. Then open the lid and take the curry out into a plate and you’re now free to have the dish. It would be a lot more delicious if it’s served with white rice and for the topping purposes, black pepper and a few cilantro leaves can serve in a most amazing manner.

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