Recipe For The Pastrami Sandwich

Today, you are going to learn about the pastrami sandwich. The sandwich unlike normal sandwiches is popular among non-vegetarian food lover because this one cannot be missed. It is not just the appearance that tempts you to have it but the taste that can drive you crazy and force you to have more even when your appetite is all gone. Also, the sandwich is very flexible to prepare, you can make it as large as you want by loading it with the precooked meat and as small as you want by decreasing the meat content. Either way, it depends on your choice. The time taken by the recipe is mainly on the pastrami and beef mixture therefore you can always prepare these in advance so that you can get ready with your sandwich in a minute or two.

Read How To Prepare The Sandwich:

Pastrami Sandwich

Prep: 15 Minutes
Cook: 1 Hour
Total Time: 1hour And 15 Minutes
Serving: 7

Ingredients for the pastrami sandwich

2 pounds of corned beef (sliced thinly)
2 cups of beef broth (reduced-sodium)
2 pounds of peppered pastrami (thinly sliced)
7 slices of Swiss cheese
14 slices of rye bread
½ cup of Dijon mustard
3 cups of coleslaw

How To Prepare Your Pastrami Sandwich?

Step 1:

In a slow cooker, put corned beef, broth and pastrami. Cover with a lid and keep on low flame. Once it is hot, remove the lid and start stirring regularly. Don’t remove from the heat for at least one hour. In case, you don’t possess slow-cooker, you can also put the corner beef and pastrami with some broth in a microwave-safe bowl. After covering the bowl, put into the microwave oven and warm for the same time i.e. one hour.

Step 2:

In a salver, set bread slices with cheese. In a small bowl, mix coleslaw and mustard. Cover with a lid or a plastic wrap.

Step 3:

Once the pastrami mixture is cooked and hot, you may start with making the sandwiches. Take two slices of bread with mustard.

Step 4:

On top of one slice of bread, pile a heap of meat, top the meat with 1/3 cup of coleslaw & a slice of cheese. Finally, keep the other piece of bread on top of the spreading. This completes your sandwich. Take each sandwich and cut into half. You can also garnish with your favorite sausage or some garnishing ingredients. Serve after.

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