Recipe For The Risotto With The Porcini Mushroom

Mushroom is known to be the best and the healthy food for the vegetarians and non vegetarians. It has been said that if a vegetarian wants to have the taste of the meat then he can eat mushrooms. This is the reason why the mushrooms dishes are one of the favourite dishes in the world. Risotto with the Porcini mushroom is an Italian dish and now it is famous in all over the world. Here are the quick and the simple steps for this recipe:

Risotto With The Porcini Mushroom Recipe

Preparation Time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 15 minutes
Serves- 2


Rice – 150 gm
Mushroom- 500 gm
Olive oil- 100 ml
Black Pepper- 1 teaspoon
Rice broth- 1 litre
Onions- finely chopped 1 medium bowl

Methods of Preparation:

Step 1:

Take the mushrooms, cut it from the bottom and cut the remaining part into small pieces. Take a fry pan and add the olive oil to it, turn on the flame at medium level, add the chopped mushroom into it, add the salt as per your taste, now mix it well and cover the pan for 10 minutes, so that the mushroom will get cooked.

Step 2:

In another pan we take the 2 table spoon of the butter and melted it at the low flame now add the finely chopped onions into it and keep the flame level at the low, once the onions are getting slightly brown add the rice into it, Now add the white wine into it and stir it regularly to the 2-3 minutes.

Step 3:

Now add the broth to 5-6 table spoon and stir it. Leave it for at least 6 minutes. Meanwhile add the broth to the mushroom also.

Step 4:

After six minutes add the mushroom mixture to the rice bowl, mix it well and add 2 table spoon of the broth. Add the salt to taste and add the cream to it, add the cream cheese to it, add the black pepper to it. Now cook it for at least 2 minutes. Now cover the pan with the lid and cook it for the 10 minutes. So that the rice will cook and the taste of all the ingredients will get absorbed by the mushroom and the rice,

Step 5:

Turn off the flame and check the rice curry is creamy or not. If it gets creamy then take out in a fresh plate and then garnish it with the fresh coriender leaves

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