Recipe For The Sticky Pork Ribs

Non vegetarian food are so delicious and they are easy to cook and all the vitamins and the minerals that requires by our body. They give our body a perfect growth, but food should be nice to taste, we have different types of the meat of different animals and we make a lot of dishes from them. Pork meat is one of them, each part of the  pork meat is good for the health. Here we are taking the ribs of the pork ribs and make a delicious sticky pork ribs

Sticky Pork Ribs

Preparation Time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 50 minutes
Serves- 2


Ribs- 500 gm
Salt- as per your taste
Ginger- finely chopped
Garlic- finely chopped
Black pepper powder- 1 teaspoon
Black pepper- 10-15
Japanese vinegar- 50 ml
Soya sauce- 50 ml
Rice vine- 300 ml
Chicken broth – 200 ml

Methods of Preparation:

Step 1

Take the fresh pork ribs and clean it properly it good to boil it for 5 minutes. The ribs contain 40% of the meat and 60% of the fat. Take the plate place the meat and add the salt to it and add the black pepper powder to it, add some of the olive oil to and spray some of amount of Japanese vinegar to it, leave this mixture for the 15 minutes, so that the flavours of the spices will get absorb quickly by all the meat.

Step 2

Now a big fry pan and make it hot, add the 100 ml of the olive oil to it make it hot then place the ribs into it, fry it from the one side and check about the smell of the meat and cook it for around 10 minutes at the medium flame, so that is will become to slightly brown, now change the side and do the process again.

Step 3

Now slice the fresh ginger and fresh garlic and sprinkle the garlic all over the pork, now add the chilli flakes, black pepper, some of the cinnamon stir it well, now add the honey to it, honey will give all the flavours of the spices to the ribs, now add the Japanese vinegar, soya sauce to it stir it for 5 minutes. Now add the 300 ml of the rice wine to it. Cook it and mean while check the taste of the flavours.

Step 4

Now chopped the fresh green onions and sprinkle it to all over the ribs, now cook it for 1 minutes, now add the chicken broth so that the level of the liquid will touch the upper part of the ribs, chicken broth gives extra taste to the pork ribs. Check the taste and if any thing is less then add it at that time because if you add any thing after cooking the taste will lost.

Step 5

Now cook for 10 minutes, turn off the flame and then cool it for 2-3 minutes. Pre heated your microwave oven at 180 F and cook it for the 30 minutes, because the pork takes the more time to cook.

Step 6

Now take it out and check that the stickiness of the honey is coming out or not and your ribs are crispy or not taste the curry of the ribs and also cut the small part of the meat and check it whether it has been cooked or not if they are not cooked properly then again bake it for 5 minutes, because if it is not cooked then it will not digest easily. Garnish is with the chilli sauce and Basel leaves.

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