Recipe For The White Creamy Garlic Bread At Home

Bread has the long history, from the simple bread to different types of the breads they travel a long journey. Normally we go to the market and buy the bread our choice. But we don’t know about there freshness. As the bread getting old it gets less tasty and the sweetness of it. You can also make the bread in your home and it is little bit tricky but here are the simple steps by which you can make the white creamy garlic bread at home:

White Creamy Garlic Bread

Preparation Time- 5 minutes.
Cooking Time- 10 minutes.
Serves- 2


Yeast- 1 packet

Sugar- 1/2 table spoon

Water- hot 100 ml

All purpose floor- 200 gm

Dry milk powder- 50 gm

Unsalted butter- 50 gm

Garlic Powder- 50 gm

Method of Preparation:

Step 1

First take a deep glass bowl and add the yeast into it, now add the warm water into it and now stir it firmly so that all the yeast will get dissolve into the water now add 1/2 table spoon of the water and again mix it. Leave the mixture to the 5 minutes.

Step 2

Now in another pan take the 200 gm of all purpose flour, add the 50 gm of dry milk powder and garlic powder now mix it well now add the yeast and the warm water mixture into it. Now mix it well.

Step 3

Make a soft dough of it. Now you can make by using your hand in 8-10 minutes, but if you want a nice bread dough in quick then you can use the dough maker or food processor. Add the mixture into the food processor and mix it for about 1 minute now add the unsalted butter into it and again run the processor for 30 seconds. Take out the dough into another flat plate.

Step 4

Now sprinkle the dry all purpose flour to the plate so that the mixture will not stuck to the plate now. Add some of the flour frequently and make the dough to the round unsticky ball.

Step 5

Now apply the vegetable oil into it and roll it into a round even shape, now pinch it from the corner and roll by the hand to make the roller of it. Now again seal the corners at the end by pinching it. Now give shape to the dough exactly to the bread pan.

Step 6

Now take the pan and apply the vegetable oil inside it, place the bread into it. Make sure the pan has the some empty portion. Apply the vegetable oil on the top of the dough it will give the bread the soft and brown texture.

Step 7

Now put the pan inside the cool oven and place a fry oven at the bottom put the ice cube in it, now preheat it to 350 F. from 5 minutes. It will now bake from the top and the water vapor from the bottom will cook it from the bottom and also this will moisturize the bread in the center.

Step 8

Take out the bread at the fresh plate and then apply the fresh butter to it again bake it inside the oven for 1 minutes so that the bread will absorb the butter. Now take out your bread and leave for 1 hour so that it will get cool and little hard.

Step 9

Now take the long knife and cut the bread into slices Take out the corners from the top and the bottom and from the side ways and use the middle portion, your white creamy garlic bread is ready.

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