Recipe Of Clams And Snapper Fish With Saffron Butter Sauce

Snapper Fish With Saffron Butter Sauce

Are you a fish lover? Do you love clams? If the answer is a resounding yes, you will love the recipe that we are going to share with you today. The recipe is called Clams and Snapper Fish with Saffron Butter Sauce. It sounds like a Master chef dish, isn’t it? Well, if you make it at home today – your family definitely call you master chef of the home. All the elements of the dish are perfect and when it all comes together, it is the most beautiful dish ever. Take a quick look and start cooking!

Here Is The Recipe For Clams And Snapper Fish With Saffron Butter Sauce:

Preparation Time – 40 Minutes
Cooking Time : 55 Minutes
Serves : 7


Whole snapper – 3 kg (trimming and bones reserved)
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
Diced carrot – 1
Diced onion – 1/2
Crushed garlic – 2
Peppercorns – 6 (black)
Diced celery stalk – 1
Thyme – 3 sprigs
Water – 1 liter
Bay leaf – 1

For Saffron Butter Sauce:

Fino – 50 ml
Saffron – 1 pinch
Clams – 12
Butter – 80 grams
Lemon – 1/2 juice
Shelled peas – 100 grams
Chopped Parsley (flat leaf) – 2 tbsp

For Leeks:

Butter – 1 tbsp
Sliced Leek – 1 (white part)

For Garnishing:

Chopped parsley
Lemon juice

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Preheat the oven to about 180 degrees C. This is a very important step in baking or cooking the oven. You always need to preheat the oven else the results will not be good.

Step 2

Now the cut the snapper fillet into half. Do it width wise. Leave the skin on and set it aside in the fridge till you are preparing other elements. Cut the trimmings and fish bones into small pieces. You need these for the fish stock. Usually people throw away the trimmings and bones but you need these for the stock. It has tons of flavors packed inside.

Step 3

For making the fish stock, take a saucepan and heat 1 tbsp of oil in it. Add the garlic, onion, carrot, celery, thyme, peppercorn, fish bone and trimming in it and cook till the vegetables turn a little soft. You do not want them to get brown. Now add water in it and then the bay leaf. The bay leaf will leave a beautiful aroma and taste. Bring it to a boil and reduce the heat to let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Skim the surface if there are any impurities. Now take a sieve and strain the stock in a saucepan to make about 350 ml of fish stock.

Step 4

Now you need to make the yummy saffron butter sauce. Add the saffron and fino sherry to the fish stock and place it on medium heat. Bring it to a simmer.

Step 5

Add the clams and cook till it is opened. Remove the clams and set it aside.

Step 6

Now reduce the sauce and boil it for about 5 minutes. Remove it from heat and whisk in the cubed butter. You need to put one at a time. It will help in emulsifying. Stir in the fresh lemon juice. Season this with salt and pepper and set it aside.

Step 7

Now to cook the leeks, use a frypan to melt the butter and add the leeks to it. Cook till they get caramelized and set it aside. You need them for serving later.

Step 8

Now cook the snapper fillets in oil on medium heat. You need a pan for it. Cook skin side down. Cook for 3 minutes. The skin should get crispy. Remove it from the pan and place it in the preheated oven for 7 minutes till it is cooked through.

Step 9

Now reheat the sauce and add the clams and peas to it. Here comes the good part – the serving. Divide the sauce in 4 bowls. Make sure it is shallow bowls. Place the cooked fish fillet in the middle. Place 3 of the cooked clams around the fish fillet. Place 2-3 leeks around the sauce and squeeze lemon over it. Garnish with the chopped parsley. Your dish is ready to serve!

Oh yum! This was a fantastic recipe. It just made our mouths salivate. Yes, it did! You should definitely try making this at home because it is a restaurant style dish. Your family definitely needs a change in their diet and this will sweep them off their feet. It has the goodness of clams, butter, parsley, snapper fish and so much more. You cannot miss out  on cooking this lovely rich fish dish. It is very easy to find clams and snapper. Make sure you do not throw away the trimmings and bones of the fish as it will be used in the fish stock. Make this on a Sunday night and see your family going, ‘WOW!’. Happy cooking to you!


Anshu Choudhury is a Delhi girl. She loves to write and believes that words have power to change lives. She has a Master's degree in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia. Anshu loves cooking. She aspires to open her own restaurant serving Bengali and Odiya cuisine. Dancing makes her happy. She likes traveling and swimming. She is versatile, optimistic and adventurous.

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