Recipe Of Rohu Fish Curry With Coriander Leaves

Summer is a season of sweat, rashes and various illness. People can hardly avoid the rays of the sun. In this season one needs to stay fit to do works. People avoid spicy food in this season. Generally people fall ill because of the spicy food. But there are some preparation of food which can help the people from getting affected by the summer illness. For this reason I am writing this recipe for those who wants to have non spicy yet very delicious food in this sweaty season. This recipe will surely bring water in your mouth without spices and sauces. This is a preparation of fish is of absolutely low calorie. This preparation of food even helps to control blood pressure and diabetic. This food will take 30 mins to get cooked. Children and senior citizens will also enjoy this food along with the adults.

The Preparation Is As Follows:

Rohu Fish Curry With Coriander Leaves

Preparation Time – 15 Minutes
Cooking Time – 30 Minutes
Serves For – 2


4 pieces of rohu fish
1 medium size potato cut into thin square pieces
1 medium size brinjal cut into pieces from the middle
2 parbel cut into square pieces
1 tomato cut into square pieces
4 green chilli
5 or 6 coriander leaves cut into refined way,
2 tea spoons of ginger paste
2 tea spoons of cumin paste
1 tea spoon of uncut black cumin
turmeric powder


Step 1

Firstly, marinate the rohu fish with turmeric powder and salt. Now Switch on the gas oven. Put on the non-stick pan on it.

Step 2

Now give 2 Tea spoons of mustard oil in the pan. Let it get heated. Then give the fishes in it to fry. When the fishes will turn into brown colour, take those from the pan and keep those into another utensil. Now in that left over oil, give 1 spoon of uncut black cumin and 2 pieces of green chilli. Stir them properly. After stirring give those pieces of potato you had cut before. Fry them properly until it turns into brown colour.

Step 3

After that give the square pieces of brinjal, parbel. Then apply turmeric powder and salt according to your taste. Stir it properly for 5-7 mins. Wait until the vegetable is cooked properly. Then cover the pan for 5-10 mins. After 10 mins open the cover and give 2 tea spoons of ginger and cumin paste and again stir properly for 5 mins and put the pieces of tomato in it. You can squash the tomato with the spoons while you are stirring. It will add taste to the food as the tomato squash will be mixed with the food properly and the colour of the curry will be red in color for this reason. Now again cover the pan for 10-15 mins. Let it get cooked properly. After that open the cover from the pan and give 2 cups of water. Once the water gets boiled give fishes and 2 pieces of green chilly in it. After 10 mins give the pieces of coriander leaves and switch off the oven covering the pan.

Step 4

Again after 10-15 mins uncover the pan and bring it down. Put the entire food into another utensil and serve it with coconut lemon, cucumber and small pieces of mint leaf.

Step 5

Use this mint leaves and cucumber for decoration purpose. Coconut lemon must be squashed in the curry while eating. One will get the smell of coriander and lemon.

Step 6

One can eat this fish curry with brown or white rice. This will give relief in this summer season.

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