Recipe To The Delicious Perfect Pan Fried Chicken Thighs At Home

Chicken is loved by everyone and there are many dishes of the chicken, but the simple and the easy to cook chicken dish is the pan fried chicken, in this we just take out the meat of the chicken thighs, we marinate it with so many of the spices, then we fry the chicken in the olive oil, we also fry the beans in the chicken juice with the sesame, we prepare the mixture of the sour cream and mayonnaise and served all the things.

 The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide To This Delicious Recipe Is Listed Below.

Preparation time- 10 minutes
Cooking time- 35 minutes
Serves- 4


Chicken thighs- 4
Cinnamon powder- 1 teaspoon
Garlic powder- 1 teaspoon
Onion powder- 1 tablespoon
Ginger paste- 1 teaspoon
Garlic paste- 1 teaspoon
Beans- 100 gm
Olive oil- 3 tablespoon
Mayonnaise- 1 tablespoon
Sour cream- 1 tablespoon
Italian seasoning- 1 teaspoon
Parsley- 1 teaspoon
Pepper- 1 teaspoon
Salt- as per taste

Methods Of Preparation-

Step 1-

First you need to take the whole chicken, cut the thighs out it, now take out the bone part of it, along with the fat, now make it flat, place all of them in the bowl, add the cinnamon power, ginger, garlic paste, onion powder, season it with the salt and pepper, now mix all the things well, add some of the soy sauce to it, mix all the things well and leave it for sometime, cover it with the cling film.

Step 2-

Take out the eggs in the bowl, beat it gently, now add the milk in it, season it with the salt and pepper, add some of the melted butter in it, take the whisking machine and whisk the whole mixture, so that there will bubbles in the mixture, now add all the chicken pieces in it and soak out the mixture for 10 minutes.

Step 3-

Take the pan, add the olive oil to it, add the cumin seeds and the chopped garlic to it, as the garlic and cumin seeds are golden brown, then take them out and now add the chicken thigh to it, leave it in the pan, for about the 5 minutes, over the low flame, as the skin is golden brown, flip to the other side and fry it again, now do this process for all the thighs, transfer all the pan fried thighs to the kitchen paper.

Step 4-

Now take the beans, cut it into half, clean it in the running water, take the bowl, add some of the corn starch to it, season it with the salt and pepper, coat the beans with the mixture, now take the same skillet with the juice of the chicken, put it on the low flame, add the soy sauce to it, add the beans to it, fry the beans for sometime, stir it meanwhile, take it out from the pan, drizzle some of the sesame seeds to it.

Step 5-

Take the sour cream, add lemon juice in it, add zest of the lemon to it, whipped the cream gently to develop the soft peaks in it, now add the mayonnaise to it, mix it gently, transfer the whole cream in the serving bowl, take out the chicken to the serving plate, sprinkle chopped parsley leaves and Italian seasoning to it, place the beans to the sides of it and served it. The delicious pan fried chicken thigh is ready to eat.

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