Recipe To The Delicious White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Blondies At Home

If you are planning something for the dessert in no time, then you can go with the white chocolate macadamia blondies, for this we first melt the white chocolate with the butter in the hot water, then we prepare the mixture of the egg, vanilla, flour, yeast and milk, we add this to the baking tray, we add the chocolate chips and the macadamia in it, then we bake it, we add the layers of the melted chocolate and refrigerate it, we cut the whole in the squares, we served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Delicious White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Blondies

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Serves- 4


Lukewarm water- 40 ml
Sugar- 1 teaspoon
Dry active yeast- 1 packet
Eggs- 2
Whole milk- 20 ml
Vanilla seeds- 1 teaspoon
All purpose flour- 100 gm
White chocolate- 100 gm
Macadamia- 40 gm chopped
White chocolate chips- 40 gm
Butter- 100 gm

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the lukewarm water in the jar, add little bit of the sugar in it, add 1 packet of the active dry yeast in it, mix all the things well, so that it the yeast will get dissolved with the mixture, leave it to the warm place of sometime, so that there will be there on the top of it.

Step 2

Take the bowl, add the water in it, put it on the low heat, now place again a small bowl in it, make sure the water should not come out from the big bowl, add the white chocolate in it, add some cold butter in it, leave it for sometime, so that all the things will be melted and mix to each other, you need to whisk the mixture mean while.

Step 3

Take the vanilla sprig, cut it in between, take out the seeds of it and put it in the bowl, crack 2 egg in it, add milk in it, add the all purpose flour to it, mix all the things well, add the yeast mixture in it, whisk the whole thing nicely to get the consistency of the custard, there may be some of the bubbles in it, you need to burst it with the whisker and there should not be any lumps in it.

Step 4

Take the pan, take the brush, dip it in the olive oil and brush the whole tin nicely, now place the baking sheet on it, again brush it with the olive oil, pour all the mixture in it, shake it well, so that there will be an even level on the top of it, now you need to take the white chocolate chips and the chopped macadamia, add this to the mixture from the top and press with the something in the mixture.

Step 5

Place this mixture inside the oven for about the 15 minutes, take it out allow it cool and then again place this inside the oven for about the 10 minutes again, take it out, cool it down, the chocolate and the butter mixture is melted, pour it on the top of the blondies, place this inside the refrigerator for about 1 hour, so that it will get set and become hard.

Step 6

Take it out from the refrigerator, cut it into pieces of about 2 inches of squares, take the serving plate, place the blondies on it and served it. The delicious white chocolate macadamia is ready eat.

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