Recipe To The Delicious Will Skillet Bacon Mac And Cheese At Home

If you love cheese, then this is the dish for you and it is easy to cook, boil the macaroni in the water, fry the bacon in the butter and make it crisp, crumble the bread slices, add the butter, Parmesan cheese in it, in the skillet, cook the flour in the butter, we add the milk in it, we add the macaroni, bacon and cheese in it, as the mixture is sticky, we add he bread on the top of it, we bake the whole mixture and then we served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Will Skillet Bacon Mac And Cheese

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 25 Minutes
Serves- 4


Bacon strips- 5
Macaroni- 100 gm
Salt- 1 teaspoon
Butter- 150 gm
Olive oil- 1 tablespoon
Bread slices- 2
Parmesan cheese- 1 tablespoon
All purpose flour- 1 tablespoon
Dijon mustard- 1 teaspoon
Gouda Cheese- 3 cups
Gruyere cheese- 1 cup
Milk- 300 ml

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the macaroni, clean in in the running water, add this to the bowl, add boiling water in it, add little bit of the salt and the melted butter in it, leave it for about 10 minutes, so that the macaroni will get cooked, drain the water and place it to the separate plate.

Step 2

Take the bacon, cut it into pieces, take the skillet, add the butter to it, put it on the low heat, as the butter gets melted and the bubbles start coming, add the bacon in it, take the spatula and stir the bacon for 2-3 minutes, so that the bacon will become nice and crispy, take out the bacon in another plate and tap it with the tissue paper.

Step 3

Take the bowl, add 1 tablespoon of the butter in it, now take the bread slices, crumble it in the bowl, so that there will be nice and thick breadcrumb consistency, grate about 2 tablespoons of the Parmesan cheese in it, mix all the things well and leave it aside for some time.

Step 4

Take the skillet, add 3 tablespoon of the butter in it, put it on the low heat, as the butter is melted, add 1 tablespoon of the all purpose flour in it, take a whisk and whisk the whole mixture, till your flour gets cooked, as the smell starts coming out from the mixture, slowly add the milk in it, whisk it and make it lumps free, now again add the milk and whisk the whole thing nicely.

Step 5

Take the macaroni, add this to the pan, mix it and leave it for about 2 minutes, take the Gouda cheese grate in nicely and take the Gruyere cheese and grate it also, add all the cheese in the skillet and mix it with the spatula, add 1 teaspoon of the Dijon mustard in it, add the bacon it, mix all the things well, cook the mixture, so that the cheese will get melted and you will get a sticky mixture.

Step 6

Remove the pan from the, add the bread mixture on the top of it, shake it well and make an even layer on it, spray little bit of the olive oil on it, place this inside the oven at 180 degree Celsius for about the 15 minutes, so that it will have a nice and crispy texture on the top of it. Take it out and served it in slices to the serving plate. The delicious will skillet bacon mac and cheese is ready to eat.

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