Spicy And Tangy Asian Chicken Salad

The Asian chicken salad is one of the most popular street foods that are found in different parts of Asia, be it Thailand or Vietnam. As the name suggests, the core ingredient here is the chicken along with an assortment of vegetables and nuts that give it the perfect balance of crunchy, crispness along with a blend of spices and sweet too.

So Here’s The Recipe For The Same

Asian Chicken Salad

Cooking Time- 20 minutes
Prep Time- 15 minutes
Serves – 4

Salad Ingredients:

One big carrot
1 small cabbage
Some lettuce leaves
1 red bell pepper
Cup of Thai basil leaves
2 small chicken breasts
1/2 cup of peanuts, toasted
Some toasted white sesame seeds

Salad Dressing:

1/4 cup peanut oil
2tablespoons soy sauce and rice vinegar each
A pinch of brown sugar
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh lime juice and also some fish sauce for seasoning.
1 Green Chilli


Step 1

The first thing that you have to do here is prepare your dressing. For this, first you have to chop your chillies thinly and then whip up all of the ingredients together. Mix them well and let it sit so that the flavours are intense when you pour it over the dressing.

Step 2

Now comes the turn of the salad. The first thing that you have to do here is poach the chicken. Some people prefer lightly poaching it after the chicken is sliced but it is better that you should poach it full. For this, take some medium heat water that is flavoured with salt and a bit of herbs of your choice. Let the chicken poach for about 10 minutes. Do check that it is juicy and done, but not overcooked.

Step 3

While the chicken is poaching, it is time to dice and slice your vegetables. There is no cooking involved in this process so you can either use a shredder or even slice these veggies. The carrots should be sliced long and thin along with the pepper. The cabbage and the lettuce can be done using the shredder. Now mix all of the ingredients and was them once before you put in the salad. Let them dry an a clean kitchen towel. Don’t cut or chop thai leaves.

Step 4

The next step here is toasting your peanuts and sesame seeds. These usually go on top of the salad dressing but and so it is best to toast these slightly so that they have a nice crunch. You can toast it around on a non-stick pan and set it aside to cool on a plate.

Step 5

Now that your chicken must be done, take it out and pat dry the same. Once it is cool enough to work with, take a slicing knife or even shredder and cut out thin slices. Remember the slices should be thin but not so thin that the chicken appears to be a mash.

Step 6

Now take your vegetables and lay them out on a plate. Pour some dressing over the top and mix it well. Now layer the chicken on top of it and then add the dressing again. Doing so ensures that your dressing seeps through all the layers of the vegetables. Finally take your toasted peanuts and sesame seeds and sprinkle on top. Now take the Thai basil leaves and tear it out on top of the salad and give a final swerve of the dressing. Serve it cold. If you want to serve the Asian chicken salad later, then don’t put peanuts and sesame seeds in advance.


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