Tasty And Healthy Teriyaki Chicken Casserole With Miso Soup

Healthy Teriyaki Chicken Casserole With Miso Soup

The super tasty authentic Asian chicken dish, teriyaki chicken casserole is a flavorful wholesome meal, which includes almost all food groups in a single dish. It’s a great weekend dinner recipe, which is filled with lip smacking Asian flavors. It is sure to win everyone’s appreciation at home. And again if you are hosting an impromptus dinner for friends, this dish is a quick, comfortable and safe menu choice.  In the frigid winter weather, the casserole can be relished with the savory Miso soup.

Teriyaki Chicken Casserole:

Preparation Time – 30 Minutes
Cooking Time –50 Minutes
Serves – 6

Ingredients For Chicken Casserole:

Boneless chicken Breast – 1 Pound
Stir fry vegetables – 1 bag (32 oz)
Cooked brown rice – 3 cups
Shelled Edamame (1 cup, thawed if frozen)
Green Onions for garnishing

Ingredients For Teriyaki Sauce:

Soy sauce – ¾ cup
Water – ½ cup
Rice Vinegar – 3 tbsp
Brown sugar – 3 tbsp
Honey – 3 tbsp
Ginger – ½ teaspoon (minced)
Garlic – ½ teaspoon (minced)
Cornstarch – 2 tablespoon

Ingredients Of Miso Soup:

For Dashi

Vegetable or chicken broth or water – 2 cups
Dried Black Kelp – 2 inch piece
Dried Bonito Flakes – ½ cup (optional)

Ingredients For The Soup

Firm Tofu – 4 ounces
Scallions – 1 to 2
White or Red Miso Paste – 2 Tbsp

Method Of Preparation (Teriyaki Chicken):

Step 1

Preheat oven at 350 degrees. Coat a casserole dish (9×13 inch) with cooking spray.

Step 2

Heat water, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, honey, rice vinegar and soy sauce in a saucepan over medium heat and bring it to boil. Cover the pan while you heat the ingredients. Once the ingredients start boiling, remove the lid, reduce heat and continue cooking.

Step 3

In the meantime, mix up cornstarch with a little water in a small bowl. Stir well so that the cornstarch dissolves completely. Add this mixture to the boiling ingredients in the pan. Stir the ingredients and cook until the sauce thickens.

Step 4

Prepare a baking pan and spray it with cooking spray. Transfer the chicken to it and add one cup of the prepared sauce over the top. Bake it in the oven for 35 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked, remove it, allow it to cool for 5 minutes and shred it into pieces using fork.

Step 5

In the interim, steam the mixed vegetables according to the instructions given on the package.

Step 6

Combine the steamed veggies, cooked rice and chicken in a casserole. Pour the remaining sauce over the mixture and gently toss it so that the ingredients are mixed well. Place the casserole in the oven and cook for 15 minutes.

Step 7

Remove the dish from oven, drizzle some sauce over the top and serve hot.

Method Of Preparation (Meso Soup)

Step 1

Combine water and kelp in a pan and heat it on medium heat. When the water starts boiling, remove the kelp and add bonito flakes. Simmer for about a minute. Remove from heat and allow the bonito steep in the water for another 5 minutes. Instead of water, you can also use vegetable or chicken broth. Strain the bonito from dashi.

Step 2

Cube tofu into ¼ to ½ inch pieces and slice the scallions thinly.

Step 3

Pour the broth or dashi into the pan and bring it to a rapid simmer.

Step 4

Place the miso paste in a measuring cup and pour about ½ cup of dashi over it. Whisk until miso dissolves completely in the water. Make sure there are no lumps. Pour this into the simmering dashi.

Step 5

Reduce heat and add tofu pieces into miso and simmer for about a minute or two. Add scallions before serving.

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