The Delicious Chicken Couscous One Pot Recipe

The Delicious Chicken Couscous One Pot Recipe

What will make you fall in love with this recipe is the texture, color, fragrant and the flavor. You can cook this recipe in just one pot. The chicken couscous uses various spices and ingredients that enhances its taste. In the first step, you have to fry the chicken, then prepare the other ingredients and finally cook the chicken thighs in this mixture. You need to do just this much but this does not lowers its flavor.

The Flavor Is High And You Are Going To Witness That When You Try It Yourself:

Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Cooking Time – 1 Hour
Total Time Taken To Prepare This Recipe – 1 Hour And 10 Minutes
Servings – 4
Level – Easy

Let’s Know The Ingredients Required For Preparing This Recipe:

Turmeric – 2 teaspoon
Skin on, bone in chicken thighs – 8
Sunflower oil – 2 teaspoon
Garam masala – 1 teaspoon
Sliced garlic clove – 3
Finely sliced onion – 2
Whole green olives – a large handful
Chicken stock – 500 ml
Couscous – 250 gram
Zest and juice from – 1 lemon
Chopped flat parsley leaves – a small bunch

Now Let’s Across The Steps To Cook This Recipe:

Step 1

The first step is all about preparing the main part of the recipe i.e. the chicken thighs. Take a small bowl and add half the spices and a small pinch of salt. Mix the two ingredients well. This step is for giving taste to the chicken otherwise it won’t taste delicious after cooking. In the very bowl, lift the chicken thighs and drop. Coat the thighs well with the mixture. If only rolling the thighs in it is not enough, try to rub the mixture all around the thighs with your hands.

Step 2

Place a sauté pan on heat. The setting should be medium. Add about one teaspoon of oil to the pan. Make sure that the pan that the one that you use has a lid. The oil in the pan is for cooking the chicken which is the step towards cooking it. Once the oil is heated, put the chicken thighs in the oil. Do this carefully otherwise the hot oil may spills on your skin. Fry the chicken from both the side. First, cook from the skin side facing down. Cook in the same manner for 10 minutes. Cook until the chicken thighs turn golden brown from all the sides. Once cooked from one side, turn it over to cook from the other side. Cook from this side for 2 minutes. Finally remove from the pan after cooking.

Step 3

Now pour the remaining oil into the pan and wait till the oil is heated. Add onions and garlic to the oil. Stir fry these two ingredients for eight minutes or until these turn golden brown in texture. Add the remaining spices to the onion-garlic mixture. Cook these spices also for one more minutes. Finally, you have to pour the chicken stock and the olives to the mixture. Bring all these ingredients to boil. Adjust the setting to low before you finally proceed towards the main step i.e. adding fried chicken pieces to the stock mixture. While putting the chicken to the mixture, try sitting the chicken with the skin side up into the stock.

Step 4

You have done all the important steps in cooking this recipe. Now you are done with letting it cook. To do so, stir for one last time before covering it with a lid and allowing to cook gently for 35 to 40 minutes. The chicken should turn tender in this time. When the chicken is done cooking, remove it from the pan and place into a platter. Try keeping it warm. Also remove the pan from the heat. Add the lemon juice and couscous into the mixture into the pan. Add boiling water enough to cover the couscous. Add water only if you feel like. Cover the pan again with a lid and stand aside for 5 minutes so that the couscous is well cooked. Add parsley to this mixture and pour on top of the chicken into the platter. Do place a lemon wedge beside.

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