The Popular Thai Fried Chicken Recipe

Thai people are fond of non-vegetarian, it probably is not a new thing. Something that is that almost every dish that they prepare contains non-vegetarian element in some form. What’s even amazing is that they know numerous ways to prepare non-vegetarian and all of them taste like you can feel the heaven. Today, you are going to learn about another Thai Recipe named as Thai fried Chicken Recipe. I am sure that once you taste this dish, you won’t crave for going to the KFC ever. What is even best is the preparation that is so easy that you can cook it anytime at home. Make sure that you follow the correct guidelines and stick to each step to have the ultimate Thai fried Chicken dish.

Here Are The Popular Thai Fried Chicken Recipe

The Popular Thai Fried Chicken Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Serving: 4


• 2 lbs. of chicken, thighs, breasts, drumsticks (you can also go for cut-up chicken pieces)
• 6 cloves of garlic (pounded and peeled)
• 2 teaspoon of cilantro roots
• 1 teaspoon of kosher salt or sea-salt
• 4 teaspoon of fish sauce
• 2 teaspoon of oyster sauce
• ½ teaspoon of black pepper (grounded)
• Vegetable Oil for deep frying purpose
For flour mixture
• 4 teaspoon of all-purpose flour
• 4 teaspoon of rice flour
• 4 teaspoon of cornstarch

Instructions To Follow For Its Preparation:

Step 1

Rinse the chicken, clean them up and pat dry with a paper towel.

Step 2

Take a food processer and put cilantro roots, salt and garlic to it. Blend until all of these ingredients make a fine paste.

Step 3

In saucepan, keep cleaned chicken pieces and add the garlic paste (prepared above), ground black pepper, oyster sauce, and fish sauce. Mix properly with the chicken pieces and transfer the chicken pieces into a big Ziploc bag. Marinate the chicken in the bag for 4-6 hour in the fridge or keep for overnight.

Step 4

When marinated well, place a wok on medium-high heat and add oil to the wok. In the meantime when the oil heats up, combine all-purpose flour, rice flour and cornstarch in a new Ziploc bag or a container. Put the chicken pieces to the flour mixture and dust evenly. Shake off excess of flour.

Step 5

Now it is time to do some cooking with the chicken, just deep fry them in the oil. Keep on frying, until they turn crispy and golden brown in color. Now that your chicken preparation is completed, transfer them in a plate that is lined with paper towel. Serve the chicken with famous Thai sweet Chilli sauce.

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