The Quick And Delicious Custard And Lardons Pie

The Quick And Delicious Custard And Lardons Pie

Today, you will come across the simple, easy and the quick recipe of quiche Lorraine. Other than its mouth-watering flavor, you are going to love it for its simplicity. You have to prepare the pastry, then its filling and finally bake into the oven. If you want to try it, do abide by each guideline correctly.

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Preparation Time – 30 Minutes
Cooking Time – 45 Minutes
Total Time Taken To Prepare This Recipe – 75 Minutes + 10 Minutes For Chilling The Recipe
Servings – 8 Slices (One For Each)
Level – Difficult

Ingredients Needed To The Pastry:

Plain flour – 175 gram
Egg yolk – 1
Cold butter, cut into pieces – 100 gram

Ingredients Needed For The Filling Of The Recipe:

Gruyere – 50 gram
Crème fraiche – 200 ml carton
Unsmoked or smoked lardons – 200 gram
Well beaten egg – 3
A small pinch of ground nutmeg
Double cream – 200 ml

Direction On How To Prepare This Recipe – The Quick & Delicious Quiche Lorraine:

Step 1

In the first step, you have to form the pastry. In a large bowl, add butter, flour, egg yolk and about 4 teaspoon of cold water. Mix all these ingredients once and then put into a food processor. Process these ingredients to blend finely. Now you have to give the shape to this blend. For that, flour a clean surface lightly and pour this blend on it. Form small balls using your hands. Roll these balls as thinly as you can. Just keep the stiffness and not make it too mushy.

Take a loose bottomed fluted flan tin and line its surface with these rolls. The pastry should cover the base of the tin properly. If the edges of the pastry or the rolled blend do not fit into the tin, trim using a scissor so that it sits above the tin. Do not throw the trimmed part but save as it can be used later. Now, press the pastry inside the flutes. Prick the base lightly with the help of a fork. Place aside for 10 minutes to cool. Till then, you can place a baking sheet into the oven and preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius.

Step 2

Take the pastry case now and line it with the foil. The shiny side should be turned down and the dull up. Fill it with dry beans and keep into the oven for 15 minutes. Now remove the beans and the foil and bake for another 4 to 5 minutes. The pastry should turn golden pale brown in color. In case, you see any cracks or hole in the pastry, fill with the trimmings that you had saved earlier while fitting the pastry into the tin. After preparing this mixture, you can store for approximately one day. However, here, in this case, you not need to wait for another day but simply proceed ahead with other ingredients.

Step 3

In the meantime, you can prepare the filling of the quiche Lorraine. Place a small frying pan on heat and add lardons to it. Fry for some time. In case, it leaves any liquid, remove. Keep on cooking the lardons till it starts leaving color but don’t make it too crispy. Remove from the pan and drain on a paper towel. Take the cheese now and cut its 3 quarters into small dices. It will make easier to grate. Grate the cheese after this. Gather the lardons and the grated cheese and put at the bottom of the pastry case.

Step 4

Take the crème fraiche and beat it with the help of a spoon. Beat till it slackens and then beat the double cream. When both the mixtures are beaten, mix these two into the already beaten egg. Use some salt and pepper to season it followed by adding nutmeg to it. Take this mixture and pour its three quarters into the pastry case.

Step 5

Pull the oven shelf out till half. Place the flan tin with the pastry into the baking sheet. Very quickly, empty the rest of the filling into the pastry cases. Fill till the top. Scatter cheese at the top and push the shelf back into the heated oven. Reduce the setting of the oven to 190 degree Celsius. Bake for 25 minutes or until it becomes golden in color. It should turn soft also. Once the quiche settles properly, remove it from the tin. The quiche might take about 4 minutes to settle down. Serve the pastry when it is still freshly baked. You can serve cold also.

Step 6

There is no need to garnish the recipe. To serve, cut into 8 slices. You may either serve to 8 people or can have more than one slices.

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