The Quick And Delicious – Fish Pie Recipe

Delicious - Fish Pie Recipe

Earlier, it was made as a comfort food but today it has taken the shape of a healthy dish. The ingredients used in this recipe are easy to get and so is the recipe – easy to follow. Down here is given the complete recipe, if you want to try, just abide by each guideline and do not miss any point. You can surely make it perfect. Also, do share your experience here to let everyone know how much you enjoyed making it.

Preparation Time – 30 Minutes
Cooking Time – 50 Minutes
Total Time Taken To Prepare The Recipe – 1 Hour And 20 Minutes
Servings – 6
Level Of The Recipe – Easy

Ingredients Required For Making This Recipe:

Semi skimmed milk – 500 ml
Corn flour – 3 teaspoon
Bay leaves – 2
Cooked prawns in their shells – 100 gram
Thinly sliced garlic clove – 1
Thyme sprigs – many preferably the lemon thyme leaves
Skimmed haddock fillet – 400 gram
New potatoes like charlotte – 750 gram
Thinly sliced medium leek – 1
Olive oil – 2 teaspoon
Skinned smoked haddock fillet – 175 gram
Finely chopped parsley – 2 teaspoon
Low fat soft cheese along with herbs and garlic – 125 gram snipped chives – 2 teaspoon

Now You Will See How To Prepare This Recipe:

Step 1

Take a big bowl and add corn flour to it. Pour only about 3 teaspoon of milk over it and mix the two ingredients. After mixing, place aside. Into another saucepan, pour the remaining milk, remove the shells of the prawn and also the heads. Now drops these into the milk. Next add thyme sprigs, garlic, a grind of pepper and bay leaves. Very carefully, place the saucepan on high setting and bring the whole mixture to boil. After 20 minutes or so, remove the saucepan from the heat and leave aside to infuse.

Step 2

In the meantime, you may do some work with the potatoes. Take a large pan of water and put the potatoes into. Place the pan on heat and allow to boil for some time. Once it starts boiling, simmer for the next 20 minutes. The potatoes should turn tender. When it does, drain the water and reserve the boiled potatoes. Take sliced leek and steam for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat next and place aside.

Step 3

Take a sieve and infuse milk from it. Collect the milk into a large sauté pan. The pan should be shallow. Drop all the fish fillets into the milk and place the pan on heat. Allow this to boil and once it starts boiling, simmer for the next 3 minutes. Remove from the heat next and then cover for some 5 minutes. Now very carefully, with the help of a spoon, transfer all the boiled fish fillets to another dish and place aside to cool. If you had kept the fillets in the boiled water, it had become all mushy thus being of no use into the recipe.

Step 4

Now you have to set the oven at 200 degree Celsius.

Step 5

The corn flour might be slackened by now. Add the corn flour to the hot milk and once more place the pan back to the heat. Keep on stirring, till it becomes thick. Very slowly, drop cheese to the mixture and remove the pan from the heat. Add parsley and season the recipe with black pepper. Do stir if there is any liquid from the fishes. Now very carefully, using a wooden spatula, break the fish into big pieces. The pieces should be of different shapes. Now place all these pieces into an ovenproof dish. The different sizes pieces should be distributed evenly into the dish. On top of these pieces, place prawns, followed by leeks and then season once more with pepper.

Step 6

You have done the main part i.e. Keeping the fish and prawns into the dish. You are left with the toppings now. Pour sauce over the prawns and stir few times gently as not to disturb the entire setting. The sauce should distribute evenly and combine well without spoiling the fish.

Step 7

Take a large fork and crush the potatoes into chunky pieces. Make sure that you do not mash. Add olives, chives and a good grind of black pepper to the potatoes. With the help of a spoon, place the potato crush over the sauce in the ovenproof dish. Slide this dish on a baking sheet and allow to bake for some 25 to 30 minutes or until you see the sauce bubbling and the potatoes have turned golden brown in color. Alternatively, you can also place the dish in refrigerator for some hours or even overnight and then baking the recipe at the same temperature for 45 minutes.

Step 8

Your recipe is complete, you may serve now.

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