The Quick And Mouth Watering Spicy Catfish Fries

Mouth Watering Spicy Catfish Fries

Today, you are going to do some experiment with the seafood. You might have tasted various kinds of fishes before but today, you are going to prepare an amazing mouth-watering dish with the catfish. All you need to do in this recipe is dust the catfish strips and fry into the oil. However, there is a proper method of preparing it.

Just Go Through The Recipe And Find Out The Method Yourself:

Preparation Time – 10 Minute
Cooking Time –3 Minute
Total Time Taken To Prepare The Recipe – 13 Minute
Level – Easy
Serving – 4


Fillet frozen fish – 10 ounce
Corn flour – ½ cup
Cayenne pepper – 1 teaspoon or for taste
Salt and pepper – for taste
Oil – for frying

Steps For Preparing The Recipe:

Step 1

As this is the starting of the recipe, you must be careful about how to mix the ingredients and in what amount, should you take. In the first step, take the catfish fillet and place carefully on the chopping board. Cut the catfish fillet in thin pieces with a knife. Each piece should be ¼ inch wide and should be cut at 45 degree angle. You will not face much difficulty if the knife chosen is sharp. You will find it easy also if the fillet is frozen. Therefore, prefer placing the fillet into the refrigerator for few hours before slicing or cutting.

Step 2

Take the fillet chops that you prepared in the above step and rub cayenne pepper on each. Tumble the chips gently to coat all the strips evenly. When the pieces are rubbed with cayenne pepper thoroughly, all the strips should be turn pink. This is called the fish marinade. Although, the fish marinade is generally made by wetting it and dipping into the ingredient for some time but this one does not require all that therefore this is called the dry fish marinade. Now keep all these strips on one platter and place aside.

Step 3

It is time to do the real cooking which needs a stove for heat and a deep fryer. To the fryer, add some oil. Keep the setting high. In a bowl or platter, add some corn flour and dust the catfish strips with the corn flour. The corn flour put should be enough to bread the catfish properly. After rubbing the corn flour, season each strip with salt and pepper. If you feel bored while seasoning each piece, you can also add the salt and pepper to the corn flour before rubbing it.

Step 4

When the strips are all done properly, place the thawed catfish back to the corn flour. Tumble the strips gently, till the strips are coated properly. Make sure that all the strips are coated properly and evenly.

Step 5

Now it is time to cook the strips. For that, heat oil into the deep fryer and place the strips one at a time. Make sure that each strip is fried properly into the oil. You might need to spend 3 minute on each strip. Make sure that the final texture of the strip is golden brown. When you cool the strip for some time, it should turn slightly crispy from outside and flaky but moist from inside.

Step 6

When all the strips are done, place into a platter and keep aside for some time. When it gets crispy, it is time to serve. Serve with sauce or some other ingredients. There is no need to garnish the recipe as it is best in itself.

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