The Saucy And Extra Delicious Coronation Chicken

The Saucy And Extra Delicious Coronation Chicken

Today, you are going to prepare the coronation chicken in the most luscious style. The chicken you will get is delicious, full of sauce that and thick and made from several ingredient. The recipe although takes time but is very simple to prepare. You are simply going to love it when done. In this recipe, you are using chicken for its meat and various other ingredients that make it extra delicious and are responsible for the sauce. Just go through the recipe and try to prepare. Also, share your experience about how much you liked it if you made any changes.

Peparation Time – 30 Minutes
Cooking Time – 2 Hours And 5 Minutes
Total Time Taken To Prepare The Recipe – 2 Hours And 35 Minutes
Servings – 6
Level – Easy

Ingredients Needed To Prepare The Recipe:

organic whole chicken – 1.6 kg
sprigs tarragon – 4
roughly sliced carrots – 1
small onion – 2
rapeseed oil – 1 teaspoon
bay leaves – 2
tomato puree – 2 teaspoon
medium curry powder – 4 teaspoon
soft, ready to eat quartered apricot – 6
lime juice – 1 teaspoon
light muscovado sugar – 1 teaspoon
mayonnaise – 100 gram
springs onion – 6
chopped coriander, leaves only – 20 gram pack
virtually fat free fromage frais – 250 gram
watercress – 100 gram bag
toned but peeled and sliced ripe mango – 1

Direction On How To Prepare The Recipe:

Step 1

Take a large pan and pale the chicken into it. Pour enough water to cover the chicken pieces. Chop 1 onion and put into the pan containing chicken and water. Also add carrot, bay leaves and terragon to the pan. Now cover the pan with a lid and allow to boil. When it starts boiling, lower the setting and allow to simmer like this for some 1 hour and 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked properly. Check if the legs falls off from the chicken very easily. Now remove the pan from the heat but let the chicken be in the pan for 3 hours. It will become cool. When it does, remove the chicken from the stock and preserve about 200 ml of stock for later use. You can do it a day before and keep for chilling. The excess of stock instead of throwing can be preserved and frozen.

Step 2

Now take the second onion and chop. Place a small saucepan on heat and add some oil to it. Put onions and fry until the onion become soft and pale golden brown in color. This can take about 5 to 8 minutes. Add curry powder and stir the mixture. Remove from the heat and add in the preserved chicken stock. Keep on heat and after some time, add the tomato puree. Cover this mixture and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

Step 3

In the meantime, you may put the apricot into a small pan and cover with enough water. Allow to simmer it for 15 minutes. Drain the mixture and preserve one teaspoon of liquid. Put the apricot into a blender and with the reserved liquid and blitz for some time. You need one teaspoon of apricot puree from this. Now remove the pan (in the second step) or the pan with curry sauce from the heat and add sugar to it. Strain this mixture through a sieve. Press as much as you can with hands or with a wooden spatula. You can also sieve through a muslin cloth. Add lime juice to it and then the apricot puree. Stir for one more time and then place aside.

Step 4

Now add the mayonnaise and the fromage frais to it. Also stir the cold curry sauce to the mixture followed by giving it some taste i.e. seasoning it. Season with a good grinding of pepper.

Step 5

Take spring onions and cut each into long and slim silvers. When the onions are cut, place aside. In case, you want the onions to curls, put into a bowl containing icy water. In the meantime, you may do the salads. Take the chicken and remove its meat from the bones. This is to be done carefully. You have to remove the breast separately and then slice it thickly. Now very gently, add the chicken pieces into the sauce that you have prepared with so many ingredients. Stir to coat the meat properly into the sauce & then put coriander and most part of the mangoes. Stir after adding each ingredients. The recipe is done, when you are done with stirring mangoes. Finally take a platter and spread watercress into it. Keep the chicken mix at its center, the rest of the mangoes at its side and the drained spring onions on top. This completes you recipe. Taste and share your family and friends. Do share your experience here.

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