Top 5 Foods For Reducing Body Weakness

After the whole day’s hectic schedule, the body is apt to feel lethargic. Weakness actually is a feeling that denies further work to be done by the body. Weakness doesn’t mean that there is no energy left in the body. It means that energy is still there in the body but lesser. Therefore, weakness can be justified by giving it the name of the feeling accompanied with lesser energy that dispirits body to put any extra effort. When weakness takes over your body, you feel sluggish, drowsy, tired, and uninterested. The other symptoms that accompany this feeling are loss of appetite, difficulty in concentration, excessive sweating, and nuisance in falling asleep.

The causes that triggers weakness are skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, weak immune system, emotional stress, shortage of essential nutrients to the body, and too much of physical labor. Nonetheless, you can always come out of these harsh consequences by following the remedies given below. If not followed the remedies, then the trivial problems in the beginning can turn out bigger into anemia, arthritis, sleep disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart diseases, and cancer.

Top 5 Food To Overcome Body Weakness

1. Bananas

The high constituent is potassium that helps the body convert sugar into energy quickly. Eventually, the presence of fibers makes it an effective source to maintain glucose level in the body. Therefore, no longer need you to show weight consciousness by eating bananas and eating freely whenever you feel lethargic. Mix with honey, to gain extra strength to the body [1].


2. Almonds

With its energy boosting and weakness defeating properties, almonds being an excellent source of vitamin E gives you an excellent reason to make it a part of your diet. If you have heard that too much of something is also not good for the body then forget that for a while because high doses of magnesium in almonds plays a key role in converting protein fats and carbohydrate into energy sources. Bear all smiles, if you have heard that mild deficiency of magnesium is also responsible for causing weakness. Soak 3-4 almonds, one dried fig, and few raisins in milk and keep overnight. Remove the dry fruits from milk in the morning and drink the milk. Peel your dry fruits and eat. You may also carry roasted almonds with you and consume whenever you feel uneasiness [2].


3. Indian Gooseberry

This highly effective source of certain minerals like calcium, carbohydrates, irons, protein, phosphorus and vitamin C leaves no reason with you to avoid Indian Gooseberry. Simple eating one Gooseberry daily takes away the sourness of your immune system thus rendering it the strength to not open its door for any infection and also charging your battery. To consume, deseed few Indian gooseberries and extract juice by putting them in mixture. Now add equal amount of honey to equal amount of juice extracted and indulge yourself in a habit of drinking this remedy twice or thrice a day [3].

Indian Gooseberry

4. Licorice

Only when the energy and metabolism of the body are fully charged, the body remains active. To meet the desire, have licorice daily to keep your batteries charged. Motivating the adrenal hormones of the body, Licorice provide the energy and metabolism of the body necessary thrust in the direction of boosting energy. Having one tablespoon of licorice powder mixed with two teaspoon of natural honey in a glass of warm milk daily fulfils the desire to remain healthy and energetic.


5. Strawberries

Especially for people highly concerned about gain in weight, eating strawberries is graciously helpful. Not just they are low in calories, but keeps you energetic the whole day. Further, being loaded with Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant helpful in repairing body tissues, and warding off any bit of radical damage, strawberries boosts immunity and energy. Therefore, if you are inclined towards strawberries for its tempting color or taste than have it more for its healthy doses of magnesium, fiber and water [4].


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