Yummy Creamy Chicken Enchiladas With White Sauce

This mouth watering Enchiladas is a Mexican street food which everyone likes. It is a delicious retreat to our taste buds. Enchiladas is nothing but corn tortilla filled with our favorite fillings dipped in chili white sauce. We can have our favorite fillings of lamb, beef, chicken or any meat of your choice. Here we will prepare it with Chicken fillings and Creamy White Sauce.

We will Start preparing the filling by mixing shredded chicken with cheese and adding salt, pepper and seasoning. Will add slightly fried onions and green chilies to enhance the taste of the fillings. Next place the chicken filling on the tortilla and roll and arrange them in a baking tray squeezing them all in a tray. In the end, add the prepared creamy sauce with extra mozzarella cheese and bake.

Let’s List the Ingredients Required and Start Preparing Our Delicious Creamy Chicken Enchiladas With White Sauce: 

Yummy Creamy Chicken Enchiladas With White Sauce

Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Cooking Time – 25 Minutes
Serves- 5

Ingredients for the Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Breast – 3 cups
Chicken Broth – 2 cups
Whole Corn tortillas – 10
Cooking oil – 3 tbsp
Mozzarella cheese or Monterey Jack Cheese -2 1/2 cups
Unsalted Butter – 3 tbsp
Sour cream – 1 cup
Flour – 2 1/2 tbsp
Green chiles – 6
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Black Pepper – 1/2 tsp
Adobo seasoning – 1/4 tsp
Cilantro – 1 (chopped)
Onion – 1 large
Paprika – 1 tsp

Step By Step Instructions :

Step 1

Take Chicken breast and cook it for about 30 minutes and then start shredding the chicken with the help of two forks. Now in a pan add little oil and saute onion and finely diced green chilies for a minute until the raw smell of onions are gone and until the chilies become little crunch, for this add in shredded chicken, salt, black pepper and adobo seasoning and nicely mix. Remove from the heat and add shredded Cheese, a lot of it and mix. Now the filling for the Enchiladas is ready.

Step 2

Preheat the oven to 360 degrees and spray oil to the baking tray, here we have used 9 x 13 baking tray.

Step 3

Heat the oil over medium to low heat and fry the tortilla for about 5- 6 seconds and remove from the oil. Place it on a tissue to drain excess oil. Now Lay all the 10 tortillas out and fill each one with the chicken mixture and roll them tightly. Place each rolled
tortillas seam side down on the baking tray. Keep on placing until the baking tray is filled with tortillas. Make sure it is tightly rolled and the fillings are intact when you place it seam side down.You can add extra shredded cheese if you are a cheese lover
I promise this creamy sauce is a bliss to your mouth. It will be finger licking delicious.

Step 4

In a Saucepan melt butter, add some flour and whisk it nicely and cook carefully for about 1 minute to remove the flour taste. Switch off the flame and add Chicken broth to it and again whisk it for 30 seconds and allow them to bubble. Again place them on the heat
and allow them to cook for a thick creamy and bubbly consistency. In the end, add sour cream when the sauce is cool and add the remaining chilies and gently whisk until it is smooth and bubbly. Add in paprika according to your taste . Now your creamy sauce is ready.

Step 5

The final step is to pour the white sauce over the enchiladas and sprinkle remaining shredded cheese and cilantro on top of it. Place this in a preheated oven
and bake for about 25 minutes and it is done.

Nom,nom..yum yum your Yummy, Tasty, Creamy Chicken Enchiladas with White Sauce is ready to relish. Enjoy this heavenly food with your friends and family.You can add extra shredded cheese if you are a cheese lover.

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