Yummy Plum Sorbet Recipe

Do you want to know about a very yummy sorbet recipe? The sorbet recipe we have for you today is Plum Sorbet. The plum sorbet is a delicious dessert. Sorbet is not such a tricky dessert to make. It is a frozen dessert that uses simple ingredients which are not too complicated to make. This is a kind of ice cream but it only has water in it and no cream or milk. You can make sorbet with almost any fruit but today we have the recipe of Plum Sorbet which tastes amazing. This version requires an ice cream machine to get the perfect sorbet. Take a look at the simple and delicious sorbet recipe. Make sure you follow the steps.

Here Is The Recipe Of Plum Sorbet:


Preparation Time: 12 Hours
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Serves: 5


Water – 2 cups
Granulated sugar – 2 1/2 cups
Ripe plums – 1 pound (discard pits, slice into small chunks)
Salt – 1 pinch
Fresh lime juice – 3 tbsp
Salted pistachios – 1/2 cup (chopped)

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Take a large saucepan and stir the sugar and water over medium heat. Stir till the sugar gets dissolved.

Step 2

Now add the plums and the salt. Stir well and let it simmer for 10 minutes till the plum gets soft and it should breakdown. The water will start looking purple. The skin of the plum might even separate from the flesh of the plum fruit. This is how you want it to be!

Step 3

Once the plums are soft, remove it from heat and transfer it to a blender. You can do this in 2 batches. If you can manage it in one, it is great. Add the plum fruit and then purple sugary liquid to the blender and start blending it. Make sure that the lid is tightly secure.

Step 4

Pour this blended plum in a container. Now place this blended plum in the refrigerator till it gets chilled. You need to leave this overnight to get a yummy consistency and texture. This is an important step.

Step 5

Take it out of the refrigerator and add fresh lime juice to it. You can also add vodka for that extra flavor. This is optional. You can skip the vodka part. Now you need to take out your ice cream machine. Put the sorbet mixture into the ice cream machine. Read the instructions of how it is used and start to churn a soft and thick sorbet.

Step 6

Now transfer this to a container which is freezer safe. Allow it to freeze in the freezer for about 4 hours before serving it to your family and friends. This will help the sorbet to get the right texture. You need it to be frozen.

Step 7

Once the plum sorbet has rested for 4-5 hours, take it out and scoop. Serve it in a dessert glass or a beautiful plate. Top the sorbet with chopped salted pistachios. You can keep the shells intact or you can take out the shell and chop the pistachio. Serve it chilled to your family and guests.

This such a delicious recipe! Now it is not a rocket science to make a fancy dessert. The Plum sorbet may sound fancy but it is so easy to make! Your kids will love it for sure. Make sure you make this dessert on a warm sunny day. It is such a good dessert that you should definitely make at home.


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